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My payment by credit card has failed or is refused, what can I do?

🛡️ Revised Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2)

The security of your payments & data are always a priority on Libon! For this reason, we decided to add the 3D-Secure authentification for your Libon purchases on the website in 2017.
This PSD2 deadline, September 14th 2019, was a great opportunity for us to improve the user experience and purchase security.
That's why we focused on implementing 3D-Secure 2.2 for higher security.

New flow step by step

A tutorial is available to help you understand the purchase process.

What should you do if your purchase is cancelled?

➡️ As long as you have not seen the green pop-up of a successful purchase at the end, in Libon, no charge was made to your bank account. Most likely you have not completed your payment, so try again.

1. When you pay on an Android phone

Before you press PAY, check that your card icon 💳 is displayed on the order page. If you have registered several cards, select the one you wish to use by tapping the link: Choose another card.

After initiating the payment by pressing PAY, the Secure payment page will open. You must authenticate the transaction with your bank and validate the payment.

On the secure payment page, the bank's page will open with its logo to authenticate or confirm the payment. Follow all the steps set up by your bank to validate payments online !
Do not close the Secure payment page!

Do not cancel 🗙 the payment or refuse the authentication of the payment during the authentication process with your bank!

💡 How to authenticate or confirm the payment with your bank?

In most cases, the bank sends an SMS with a secret code for payments. Enter the information on your bank's input screen.
Or authenticate the operation in the bank's application with your unique secret payment code. Enter your remote bank password to log in and continue to authenticate or confirm the payment...

⚠ If you do not receive any SMS or notification from the bank, check your phone settings to verify if you have enabled notifications from your bank on your number.

When the authentication is confirmed by your bank, the payment is authorized. When the payment is validated, make sure you receive the successful purchase confirmation in Libon, at the end.

Do not close this payment page, cancel or reject the payment authentication.
When the transaction is confirmed by your bank, return to the same page opened in the web browser (where the purchase has started).

⚠ This will allow to finalise the payment and receive the confirmation of the successful payment . Otherwise, the payment is cancelled with the following error message 😥 :

You can finally return to Libon. A confirmation message of successful purchase will be displayed. Your payment is successful!

Your payment is still blocked 😔?

➡️ Open your web browser Settings (Chrome, for example) on your Android or iOS phone to clear the cache and try again.

Other option: test the purchase by opening our web page link in another web browser .

Do you still have an issue? Chat with us by pressing the icon on the right 🙂

Updated on: 26/01/2024

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