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🛡️ Revised Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2)

The security of your payments & data are always a prority on Libon! For this reason, we decided to add the 3D-Secure authentification for your Libon purchases on the website in 2017.

This PSD2 deadline, September 14th 2019, was a great opportunity for us to improve the user experience and purchase security. That's why we focused on implementing 3D-Secure 2.0 for higher security.

New flow step by step

A tutorial is available in our FAQ. Click here to consult the tutorial

💡 A tip to solve the most common issue

➡️ Until you see a green pop-up informing of a successful purchase, your bank account will not be debited. It's most likely that you haven't reached the end of the process, check our tutorial and try again.

A lot of users end up with this message during the purchase:

What should you do if your purchase is cancelled?

➡️ Make sure that you do not exit the web browser page that automatically opens on your mobile phone after you press on Pay. Otherwise, you will not be able to validate your payment with your bank and your purchase will be cancelled.

You press on Pay, a website opens but it's empty or has a blue button saying "Click here" that doesn't work. Your purchase is cancelled 😥.

The solution? Activate Cookies in your web browser by following the steps below:

Press the three dots on the top right corner of the screen, then Open in Chrome or Settings if you are already using that browser:

Scroll down and press Site settings:

Press Cookies:

Enable Cookies:

And that's it! Close the browser and Libon and try again to make your purchase.

Note that the credit card has disappeared on the information screen, press Choose another card to recover it.

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🐞 Still blocked?

It's possible that your browser has an issue and your purchase is still blocked.
In that case, we advise you to try again using a different web browser, like Mozilla Firefox.

How to install another web browser and configure it by default?

If you are encountering an issue with your current browser and you wish to install a new one, here is the procedure to follow:

Open Google Play on your mobile phone, select your web browser and press Install
Once the installation is complete, return to the home screen of your mobile device
Open the menu Settings -> Applications -> Select your browser
Tap the Application info menu and Set as default

Do you still have an issue? Chat with us by pressing the icon on the right 🙂
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