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How to choose a Libon offer?

Some countries are sometimes included in different Libon offers, so here's some tips to pick the best one for you!

On the dialer, enter the number you wish to call and touch the small patch displaying your current minutes available to call it.

The Shop menu will appear with a list of offers with minutes. You will be able to scroll down or up to see this list of available offers to call that specific number.

From the Shop menu directly, search for the country you wish to call and the application will display all the offers available for calls in a list.

⚠️ To know which contacts you can call with an offer, check the information below the description of the pack.
⚠️To check which prefixes you can call or if the offer includes landlines and/or mobile phones, press + details.

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Updated on: 03/03/2023

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