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Payment security is a major priority at Libon! We have therefore implemented the 3D-Secure validation process in 2017 for our online purchases.

New payment services rules were released on September the 14th, 2019, and were the opportunity to update our purchase process.

To purchase minutes on the application, you first need to choose your minutes on the Purchase menu, and select Credit card on the payment method.

A tutorial video is available to show you a purchase step by step:

Complete the payment form and press Pay

Wait for the payment website to open

If at this point you get a blank page, please try again by using a different web browser or press here 🔥🦊

Open your bank's application to validate the purchase

Return to the payment website (step 2)

⚠️ Attention: at this point, it's necessary to return to the website and not to the application! If you switch to Libon, the transaction will be cancelled (and no money will be taken from your bank account 😉).

(automatic) Return to Libon and purchase validation

⚠️ Libon will re-open by itself and confirm the purchase. If not, press the button Return to app to confirm your purchase!

Purchase completed 🎉🎉🎉🎉

If you have an issue to complete your purchase, chat with us by pressing the icon on the right 🙂
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