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How can I improve the quality of my Libon calls?

Ensuring the best quality call at good rates is our main challenge.

Perhaps, for various reasons, you may be interested in finding solutions for a better calling experience.

Regardless of the application used (GSM, Libon, other), it is important that the person called has good GSM coverage for a high quality call.

If you consider that the audio quality of your Libon calls is not the best, please check if you are using the latest version of the application. If it is not the case, please update the application, restart the phone and test different Internet connections.

If you cannot hear the person you are calling, restart the phone and test different Internet connections.

Test calls to another number to compare
Restart the phone, restart the Internet connection and try a new call

If the person you are calling cannot hear you,

Check that your microphone is activated in the permissions of the application. Libon needs to access your phone's microphone, so don't forget to enable it!
If you are using a private Wifi connection, it is recommended to restart your router periodically so that it maintains its stability and strength.

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Updated on: 29/12/2020

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