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How do I setup the favourite numbers and manage my Unlimited calls plan?

After the subscription to an unlimited calls plan, you need to define your list of favourite numbers that you want to call. They are the numbers you want to call with no limit for the entire validity period of the plan.

How can I check the list of numbers included in the plan?

Tap on Home at the bottom, to the left, and press Unlimited, at the top of the screen, to check your favourite numbers.

How do I add a favourite number to the Favourite Contacts list?

The first Orange numbers called after purchasing the unlimited calls plan will automatically be designated as favourite numbers and added to your contact list for calls with the plan

Add yourself your contacts to the list of favourite numbers:

Tap My Unlimited at the top of the Home page and the + to add a number from your Contacts list.

Remove a contact from your list of favorite numbers:

Note that it is possible to delete numbers if you have not called them for more than 5 minutes.

You cannot remove a saved number?

If you call the wrong number and you wish to delete it in order to register a new one, just contact us and tell us the number you wish to delete, we will do it for you! Of course, depending on the duration of the calls made to this number.

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Updated on: 20/09/2023

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