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My calls are dropped, what can I do?

Place your calls without the data saver enabled

To be able to use your Libon app and avoid dropped calls, we strongly advise you to disable your phone's data saver.

Why is that?

When the data saver is enabled for your data connection, if you don't have access to your Wifi network your calls may drop after a few seconds.
In that case, you should authorize Libon to disable it or to use your Wifi connection if the data saver is on.

How should I proceed?

When connected on mobile data to place Libon calls, you will get this popup

Tap Whitelist Libon
The menu Application data usage will open
Enable the two last options, as descibed here:

A different method to authorize Libon to use background data usage while the Data saver is on:

On your phone's main screen, open Settings
Tap Apps
Select Libon on your app listing
Tap Mobile data
Enable the two last options: Allow background data usage and Allow data usage while Data saver is on

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Updated on: 28/06/2022

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