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How do I make a call with Libon?

To make calls to your favorite destination using your Libon minutes, you have three possibilities:

Select the contact you want to call from your Libon address book and press the phone icon above the phone number to launch your call.

Note that to be able to call your contacts from Libon, you will need to enable permissions.

Use your Libon dialer to call the numbers not registered in your Contacts. Press the phone icon.

The number must be dialed with the country code.

Choose the country you want to call (unless you know the country code) and enter the phone number. Then tap the phone icon.

Call back your contact from Libon's call log

If you wish to call back a number already called with Libon, you can find it in your call log (by pressing the first icon on the left in the application), select it and press the phone icon to start the call.

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Updated on: 04/03/2023

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