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I cannot call, what can I do?

Certainly, it is frustrating to want to make a Libon call and see it fail without being able to reach your contact. 😞🤔At the same time, several factors can cause these calls failures. This article explains the possible reasons and offers solutions.

Here are the most common errors and other issues affecting calls:

Call failed. Sorry, we cannot reach this person
Call failed. A problem occurred while connecting to the server
No minutes to this number
Some other issues with failed calls

Call failed. Sorry, we cannnot reach this person

You make the call but the error below is displayed. We can't reach the person called. Your correspondent is not answering the call or is not reachable on their number. 😞​

The Libon call is received by your contact as a normal call. Your contact needs to answer the phone, to have their phone turned on and to use it in an area covered by the GSM network. If they are in an area where the GSM coverage is weak, the phone may not be able to connect to the GSM network, which means a call failure.

In this context, you should:
call the number later;
test a call to another number to check the result of that call;
disable the Hide my number feature in ProfileSettings and retest a call.

Call failed. A problem occurred while connecting to the server

You cannot make any calls with Libon. 😞​

Calls fail because a problem occurred while connecting to the Libon server. This error is usually caused by Internet connection issues, either temporary (an unstable network, for example) or permanent, when a certain type of Internet connection is used: a professional Wi-fi, a public Wi-fi or a VPN connection.

It is recommended to:
download the latest version of the application (available in the App Store or Play Store);
restart the application;
restart the Internet connection used and/or test another network (Wi-fi or data);
disable or delete the VPN profile in the phone settings, if you are using a VPN configuration when calling with Libon:

on your Android phone, open SettingsConnections (or Network and Internet) → More Connection Settings → VPN. Next to the VPN to disconnect, to the right, press Settings. To disconnect it, turn off the VPN. To remove the profile, press Delete. Retest a call.

on your iPhone, open Settings, toggle the VPN switch to OFF. Click GeneralVPN and device management. Check if the Connected or Not Connected statement appears and you can change the status. If necessary, you can delete the registered VPN profile: to do so, press the (i) button to the right of the respective profile. Retest a call.

check if an alert ❗️ is displayed in your application: touch ProfileHelpService status. In these circumstances, follow the advice listed above. If the issue persists, do not hesitate to contact us!

No minutes to this number

You don't have the right minutes allowing to reach your number. 😞 As soon as you make the call, Libon will inform you by message:

In this case, we suggest to:

check our list of carrier prefixes to find out which carrier you are calling;
check the recharged credit, at the top of the Home page of your application;
contact us 🙂 and we will help you change your minutes so you can call.

Some other issues with failed calls

If there is no particular error displayed but the call is cut off (ended), if the person called does not take the call and you do not hear a ringing tone or for any other unexpected behavior encountered when calling with Libon, it is recommended to:

check if you are using the latest version of the application (available in the App Store or Play Store);
restart the application;
test another Internet network;
test if this behavior is encountered when calling another number;
disable/delete the VPN profile in the phone settings and retest a call;
disable the Hide my number feature in the Settings menu of the application and retest a call.

⚠️ Pay attention!
Make sure you are using a stable and powerful Internet connection when calling for the best call quality!

For some professional or public Wi-fi, Internet service providers may block or limit VoIP-type calls. Check with your Internet service provider that the connection is not configured to block or limit them!

You still can't make calls following these tips? 😞 Contact us via chat, by touching the icon on the right or via WhatsApp, from the Help menu of your application 🙂!

Updated on: 14/10/2023

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