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How to use Libon without the application by GSM call

To enhance your calling experience with Libon, we have introduced a new feature called "Local Calls." This feature enables you to utilize your Libon mobile plan without needing an Internet connection or the Libon app itself.


⚠️ You must have a plan with your carrier that includes calls to French numbers (within France). To access this Libon service, the access point is a French phone number (+33....). Ensure that your carrier plan does not charge extra fees to dial this number!
Contact our support to request activation of this feature on your Libon account.

Launching a call from the app

When the feature is enabled, open Libon and tap on the avatar (bottom right) -> Settings -> Enable "Local Calls" and choose one of the three options: No / Yes / Ask me

Initiate your call as usual in Libon. Based on the settings you selected ⬆️, Libon will set up your call.

Your native dialer will appear showing the phone number you should call to connect with your recipient.

On an iPhone: Press the call icon and our server number will connect you to your desired phone number.

On an Android phone: Select GSM call. The call screen of the native application will open after selecting the contact to call within your Libon app. Just press the call button to initiate the local call to this number via our server number.

And that's it! The call is established, and the duration will be billed to your Libon account, not by your carrier! 🥳

Attention! Our server number will connect you to the phone numbers based on the call minutes available in your Libon account. Thus, it will be your purchased call minutes that will be deducted, even though the call connection is made locally via our server number.

Launch a call without the app

To use this way, you need to call with the SIM card linked to your Libon account. If not, you won't be able to use this service

Open your native dialer on your phone
Call the following number: +33172813321
Dial your recipient's phone number and enter # when it's done! 🪄to help us to recognize your callee you have to dial it with the international format so don't forget to add the country code before the number itself :)
And that's it! The call is established, and the duration will be billed to your Libon account, not by your carrier! 🥳

Contact us via chat by tapping the icon on the right to activate the "Local Calls" feature 🙂

Updated on: 23/09/2023

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