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How do we calculate the prices?

Why do we have different prices for each country? 🧐

We are often asked "Why are there different prices?", so we want to clarify this.

When you call a number, we pay for each minute to the local carrier. For example, for bundles to call Orange Mali numbers, we pay minutes to Orange Mali.

Agreements with carriers are different for each country and carrier, and change over time. The more users we have the more we can negotiate with local carriers to get you better offers.

Moreover, sometimes there are government taxes (DRC or Guinea for example) or a minimum price is imposed (Comoros for example). That means we can't set prices as we want.

This is why there are different prices.

Rest assured we're working hard to always get better offers. Our mission is to bring you closer to your family.

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Updated on: 16/06/2021

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