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How to check or add a contact in Libon

🔐 The application accesses the contact list stored on your phone's memory! This information is not recorded on our servers

If you granted access to Contacts on your phone's settings, Libon will display them on your application.

Adding a contact in Libon

To create a new contact on the application, follow the instructions below:

If you use an Android phone:

From your Call log (the top left corner icon), select the number you wish to include on your contact list and, on the right of the number, press the Contact list icon:

You will be directed to your phone's native application to create the contact.

From Libon's Contact list it isn't possible to create new contacts, only edit existing ones.

To do so, select the contact you wish to edit and press on the pencil:

If you use an iPhone:

Don't forget to grant permissions so the application may access your phone's contact list.

There are two options to create or edit contacts from Libon:

From the Call log, on the bottom left corner, select the number to be added.

Next to the phone number, press on the Contact list icon to access your phone's contact list:

From the Contacts menu in Libon, press on + to access your phone's contact list and create the contact:

From the Dialler, type the phone number (including the country code), then press Save the number and Create a new contact or Add to existing contact:

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