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Check or delete my call history

Here's a simple way to check your call history:

On your phone, press on the bottom left icon๐Ÿ :

To check the details of a call, select it and the following informations will be displayed on the bottom of the screen:

call date (on the left)
call duration (on the right)

If you wish to delete some or all your calls,

on your Android phone. make a long press on a call, select all the calls you wish to delete, and press on the Recycle bin ๐Ÿ—‘๏ธ, on the top right corner;
on your iPhone, if you wish to delete some of your calls, make a long press on a contact, select and drag it to the left. Delete it!

Good to know:
If you logout from Libon, your call log will be automatically be deleted!

On your Android phone, press the avatar to the right and then Settings and select the option Clear call history! All your calls will be deleted.

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Updated on: 03/03/2023

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