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How to top up another number with a Libon pin code?

From now on, our Libon international top-up offers at points of sales are evolving! In addition to top ups for Libon minutes, valid for crediting Libon plans to your account, you'll find Libon - Credit Transfer top up cards to transfer credit to a loved one.

To use the Credit Transfer top-up cards, you need to use version 5.26 of the application or a later version.

What can you do with a Libon - Credit Transfer?

With this new Libon product, you can top up your loved ones' mobile plan by sending them a mobile credit top up. This service allows you to top up your loved ones' phones with credit for their prepaid SIM card (mobile credit or Internet credit).

This is not a transfer of Libon credit or a sending of Libon minutes to another account! It's a sending of mobile or Internet credit for their own phone number.

To which countries can I transfer credit with a Libon - Credit Transfer top-up?

25 countries are already compatible with this service:

How do I send a top up credit with such a code?

Scratch the QR code on your card and scan it! If you can't scan the QR code, you can scratch off the refill code and insert it by opening the Shop menu and then Libon Recharge:

Libon will automatically open and invite you to select a recipient of your choice from your contact list

Once you've chosen your recipient, Libon will show you the amount of credit you can send them

The amount sent may differ depending on your recipient's telephone operator.

Confirm your choice and send the credit. Confirmation will be sent to you very shortly to confirm receipt of the credit by your recipient.

If the transfer fails, don't worry! As the transfer has been cancelled, your QR code can still be used for a new transfer.

The credit has been sent and your recipient has received it. The recipient receives a confirmation message and can check their balance from their operator's app, by USSD code or other means.

To view your transfer history, click here

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Updated on: 11/09/2023

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