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How to check the bonus after a topup?

When making a topup, you may find that there is a bonus applied to it.

Do you wish to know everything about our topup promotions?

We expect to have the promotions that best suit your needs. We therefore advise you to check the general conditions concerning our promotions and bonuses before completing the topup.

These promotions and bonuses apply only on the dates provided and concern certains countries and carriers. Don't forget:

They concern certains countries and carriers.
There are limitations for the validity period and the usage of bonuses.
The bonuses may allow to send text messages, to purchase media content... They don't always allow calls, check the terms and conditions to know how to use them.

How to check the terms and conditions?

After selecting the topup amount, during the transfer of credit, the bonus is displayed next to the credit, in red. If you press the "i" on the same page, you can find all the details related to the bonus.

After validating a transfer, check the transferred credit (and bonus, if applied) in your Libon Transfer history

How can your contact check the bonus?

To check the bonus credit, the contact who received the topup can call his carrier's number. Different options will be available (remaining credit, bonus, and so on).

If the bonus 🎁 is not reflected on the SIM card's credit, please contact your carrier to check the transaction.

Bonuses are offered by the carriers, who may answer your queries on the total credit or the bonus applied. We will provide you with all the information needed to check with the carrier.

If you have an issue with a topup, chat with us by pressing the icon on the right 🙂

Updated on: 04/03/2023

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