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How to benefit from the Referral program?

Libon presents its new referral program.

How does it work ?

Libon offers to its most loyal customers a referral program. By inviting new people to use Libon, you and your friends will receive free minutes.

To take advantage of this referral program, remember to update your application and install the latest version available on your application store!

For the referring person

Where can I find the referral program in the app?
The referral program can be found in the Profile menu.
If you are one of these loyal customers then you will be able to find a new entry and can click on Refer a friend

How ​​do I share my referral code?
In the dedicated screen you will find your referral code to share with your friends. Use the share button to send an invitation link, making its distribution much easier.

For the new referred friend

How ​​do you use the referral link?

It's very simple: Press on the link to enter the referral code we sent you and let it guide you.
After having confirmed your phone number, the code will be automatically validated by the application.

Note that only new users can be referred. If not, the app will inform you that you cannot enter the referral program.

What are the steps after accepting the invitation?

If your application is accepted, all you have to do is make your first purchase of the minimum amount of €4.99. After this purchase, you and your referrer will receive a gift to thank you for your trust. You often have to wait 30 seconds before you both receive your gifts

Your referral program is complete. You can now enjoy your free minutes. Welcome to Libon!

For more information on this referral program, you can consult the conditions of use

Do you have any further questions? Contact us via chat by touching the icon on the right and we will be happy to help you!!! 🙂

Updated on: 19/06/2024

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