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Prepaid electricity top-up code purchase service with Libon

This page will answer the most frequently asked questions to help you understand and use our service.

What is this new service?

The prepaid electricity recharge code purchase service allows you to buy recharge coupons for prepaid electricity meters: Isago in Mali, Woyofal in Senegal, CI-ENERGIES aka CIE in Ivory Coast, NAWEC in Gambia, SONABEL in Burkina Faso, SBEE & BEDC in Benin, CEET in Togo, EAGB in Guinea-Bissau.

These recharge coupons are used to recharge prepaid electricity meters and provide electricity to your loved ones living in the home country.

In which countries is this service available?

Currently, this service is available only in:

Senegal 🇸🇳
Ivory Coast 🇨🇮
Gambia 🇬🇲
Burkina Faso 🇧🇫
Guinea-Bissau 🇬🇼
Benin 🇧🇯
Togo 🇹🇬

We plan to open similar services in other countries soon.

What is the required Libon version to use this service?

To use our prepaid electricity recharge code purchase service, you must have the latest version of the Libon application installed on your device. Make sure to update the application before making a purchase.

Can I use this service to pay my traditional electricity bills?

Currently, our service only supports the purchase of recharge coupons for prepaid electricity meters Isago in Mali 🇲🇱, Woyofal in Senegal 🇸🇳, CI-ENERGIES aka CIE in Ivory Coast 🇨🇮, Nawec in Gambia 🇬🇲, Sonabel in Burkina Faso 🇧🇫, SBEE & BEDC in Benin 🇧🇯, CEET au Togo 🇹🇬, EAGB in Guinea-Bissau 🇬🇼. We do not yet offer a feature to pay traditional electricity bills. We are focusing exclusively on prepaid recharges for the time being.

How can I use the purchased recharge coupon?

Once you have purchased a recharge coupon, you must transmit it to your recipient in the concerned country. Your recipient will then need to enter the recharge code on their prepaid electricity meter to benefit from the amount associated with your purchase. Make sure to provide necessary instructions to your recipient to use the recharge coupon correctly.

If you have any further questions or additional concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help!

Updated on: 26/07/2023

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