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How do I find my electricity top-up codes?

If you have logged out of Libon but want to retrieve your previously purchased recharge codes, you can find them in the purchase history. Follow the steps below to access them:

Once reconnected to the Libon app, go to the Profile menu: You can access the Profile menu by clicking on your profile or by searching for the Profile option in the main menu of the application.

Access the purchase history: In the Profile menu, find and select the Purchase History option. This will allow you to access the list of all the purchases you have made.

Purchase History

Search for the recharge codes: In the purchase history, look for the transactions corresponding to your prepaid electricity recharge codes. These transactions should include the details of the purchase as well as the associated recharge codes.

Share the recharge codes: Once you have found the recharge codes in the purchase history, all that remains is to share them.

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Updated on: 20/06/2023

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