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Change my number in Libon

If you've changed your phone number, we advise you to change it on your Libon application as soon as possible.

All you need is to be connected to your account.

You can only change to a number on the same continent.

Open Libon and press on ProfileSettings (on iPhones ProfileMy account):

Press Change my number:

Enter your new phone number and press Continue:

You will receive a message with a validation code on your new phone number, which will be automatically detected by the application on your Android phone. If you are using an iPhone, enter it on the application. That's all, you can now keep using your application with your new phone number, all your credit is still available!

Good to know: by changing your phone number in Libon, all your account information and credit will be automatically transferred. If you are profiting from an offer from our carrier partners, this offer may suffer changes.

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Updated on: 20/03/2024

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