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Better understanding of Libon bundles

There are different types of bundles on Libon:

Regional offer:

This type of offer includes many countries. To check the list of countries you can call with an offer, simply tap on Countries under the description. For most countries, you can call landline and mobile numbers, but for some of them only landline or mobile numbers are included for calls. Tap on Contacts to the left to access the list of your contacts reachable with this offer.


Country offer:

This offer includes only one country. In the description, it is specified to which carriers you can make calls and to which category of numbers, fixed and/or mobile.

Carrier offer:
This type of offer allows you to call only a specific carrier in a single country (for example, Orange numbers in Senegal or Smart in Philippines) or several countries grouped together (as in the case of the Orange West Africa offer).

Before recharging your account with minutes, you can check if the contacts you want to call are included in this pack or not. Touch Contacts under the name of the offer.
If your number is not included in the contacts list, don't forget to press on + details.

The unlimited bundle:

This is the plan with which you can make unlimited calls to a limited number of numbers (according to the offer description) until its expiration date!
This is an offer for your favourite numbers, three, five etc. depending on your validated purchase.

The amount of numbers that can be called with the unlimited offer and the validity period are specified in the offer details, in Shop, under the name

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Updated on: 03/03/2023

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