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You can now top up your Libon account without a credit card by purchasing your top-ups at a tobacco store near you. To know where to find us, just check this map.

These are the scratchcard prices:

5 €
10€ + 1€ 🎁 for free
20€ + 5€ 🎁 for free

Once your PIN code is in your hand, you can top-up your account for the country of your choice: 🇸🇳, 🇲🇱, 🇨🇮, 🇦🇴, 🇵🇭, 🇨🇩, 🇲🇬, 🇧🇫,...

NOTE: The amount of minutes depends on the chosen bundle.

Any questions? Chat with us by pressing the icon on the right 🙂
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