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I have minutes but I can’t place calls, why ?

If you have Libon minutes and you cannot place calls:

💬 Check your Internet connection

If you cannot make calls with Libon, this is often due to an issue with your Internet connection. Most connection issues can be fixed as detailed below:

Update your application on Google Play Store or Apple Store
Restart the phone by turning it off and on again
Open the Settings on your mobile, go to Network and Internet, disable and re-enable one by one the Airplane mode, Wifi and Mobile data
Try to connect to other Wifi or 4G networks
Check with your Internet provider to be sure that your connection is not configured to block or limit VoIP calls
If you are using a private Wifi connection, restart your router, as they lose stability and strength over time

The call issue still persists? 📞🤔

💬 Make sure you are using a stable and high-power Internet connection when you call to get the best call quality!
If the issue persists, please contact us and send us a screenshot of the Help > Service Status menu.

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Updated on: 29/12/2020

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