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With Libon, take advantage of unlimited calls to your family!

Our unlimited plans are available on your application, via scratchards at the tobacconists (available in France and Spain only) or our website.


Several unlimited calling plans are available with a top-up scratchcard.

The expiration of unlimited calls varies, depending on the card purchased:

1€ - 1 day

5€ - 5 days

10€ - 11 days

20€ - 25 days

How to use a scratchard?

How to buy unlimited plans on

Here are the direct links to our plans:


∞🇲🇱 - Unlimited Orange MALI

∞🇸🇳 - Unlimited Orange SENEGAL

∞🇨🇮 - Unlimited Orange IVORY COAST


∞🇵🇭 - Unlimited Smart PHILIPPINES

National plans

∞🇮🇳 - Unlimited India

∞🇪🇸 - Unlimited Spain

∞🇷🇴 - Unlimited Romania

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